Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hibernate Exception in thread "main" org.hibernate.MappingException: Unknown entity:

Hibernate 4.3.11.Final Aug, 2015
Upto Above Hibernate Version No need to add configuration.addAnnotatedClass(path.Entity.class);
After Hibernate 5
Needed configuration.addAnnotatedClass(com.yaazli.hibernate.hql.insert.Entity.class);
Tested From Hibernate 5.0.0.Final Aug, 2015 to Hibernate 5.3.1.Final May, 2018.

With out this you'll get this error
Exception in thread "main" org.hibernate.MappingException: Unknown entity: com.yaazli.hibernate.hql.insert.EmployeeEntity

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Whatsapp Improvements

*Expanding Idea's in Horizon*
_*Critical Thinking and Creative Ideas by Arjun Sridhar UR*_

*Lot of changes we need to do in whatsapp*
*1. Group members Increased 250,500,5000 [telegram] and 10,000*
1. Companies can create with employee groups
2. Goverment Sector can circular to their localities
3. Schools information Sharing to Class group, parents groups, teachers groups , admin groups
4. Domain wise Job seekers can join in the group to get job.
5. Any Sector Groups Likes Farmers, Milk Producers, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Manufacturing
6. Number LooK, Reverse Look, Type of this phone numbers analysis like marketing people, Politic People...
7. Information of Read Phone Numbers, Delivered Phone Numbers and Drifted Phone Number's
8. Options to remove undelivered phone numbers.

*2. Centralized Deletion Options [telegram]*
1. Any one wrongly posted anything which is not trapped by our digital moderator
2. Cascade Delete Option

*3. Text Formatting in MS Office style*
1. Advance Text formatting [later extract/sync with our database]
2. Collate with more emojis feelings to share
3. Language Translations
4. Fonts
*4. Data in cloud storage*
1. Less persistence used on mobile data as well as storage space
2. Analize, Monitor, Moderate Digitally with Big Data tools.
3. If a person access the system after a week or month all data will be on Cloud nothing will be downloaded until client sync manually.
*5. Detect and Normalize  Images and Videos and Text Forwardings No Duplicates appear in Client side and Cloud Storage Side.*
1. Avoid Duplication and Replication of same data.
2. Save Client Mobile Storage
3. Save Client Mobile Data Bandwidth
*6. Client can backup important text to cloud drives*
1.Useful & Important text/images/videos Retrieving will be easy
*7. Whatsapp Linked with All management Softwares Like Project Tracking, Issue Tracking, Bug Tracking.*
1. Easy to seed stories in SCRUM storyboards [IT,Non-IT]
2. Pre or Post Proposal Notes [IT,Non-IT]
3. Easy to post Issues in Issue Tracker [IT,Non-IT]
4. Easy to post Bugs in Bug Tarckers [IT,Non-IT]
*8. Whatsapp Linked to Personal Blogs, Facebook Pages which easy to publish for multi dimensional viewers.*
1. Create and Publish in multiple platforms in responsive design.
2. It'll Publish both in Social Media Sites as well as Blogs
3. Less Time, Low Bandwidth Conception, more incomes.
4. Target All Dimension Mobile as well as Desktop users.
*9. Whatsapp Linked to Job Consultancy centralized.*
1. Broadcast Jobs for particular domains and fields.
2. Remainders, Follow Up and Track Job Seekers by Consultancy.
3. Consultancy can suggest Job seekers to join in Same Domain Group to exchange interview questions and answers
*10. Whatsapp Linked to ERP and CRM Packages toooo*
1. ERP Like HR messages to Employee and Employer
2. ERP Like Account Immediate Scan and Upload Income,Expense Receipts and Payments.
3. ERP Logistics Tracking
4. ERP Manufacturing all types of log messages to employees
5. ERP Stock Maintenance Scarcity and Excess notifications
6. ERP Notifying Nearing Expiry date of stocks
7. CRM Event Notifications, Users Entry, Follow-Ups, E-Tickets

Friday, December 09, 2016

Workshop in IT Java Developments

Real Time Project Workshop in Business Domain

What you should know   
  ü Any Bachelor Degree
  ü Must Know Core Java and J2EE-Web Application Technologies
  ü You must have laptop / desktop
  ü 600 Hrs. of time to prepare

What we’ll train you
  ü Real Time Project Workshop based on Spring, Hibernate for Business Domain
  ü Web based Development
  ü Face to Face or Telephonic Interview Preparation, Review, Re Attend
Two Payment Options:
Full Pai
d  50,000 4 Months / Free 4 Months [*Terms & Conditions Applied]
Interested Person can book for INTERVIEW. We’ll give training only for selected persons who has ability to be a developer.

Name: Arjun Sridhar UR                        Mobile#: +91 9941907755.
E-Mail:    Website:

 For 3rd Year/Final Year Student:
û  Still you are not yet selected your domain
û  Still you are not yet selected your development language.
û  Yes, I selected my development field but don’t know how to proceed next.
Campus Interview:
û  Candidate Selected for Appointment but they wait for months to conform.
û  Do you know 90% Campus selected people get IT support Jobs Only.
û  Do you know 95% Campus selected people get Shift Rotations.
û  Do you know 95% Campus selected people cannot choose their development.
û  Do you know 95% Campus selected people cannot get appraisals 3 Years.
û  Do you know 99% Campus selected people got bonded for 3 Years.
û  Do you know 99% Campus selected people get harassed by their superior.
û  Do you know 90% Campus selected people know Application Knowledge Only after 3 years.
û  Do you know 90% Campus selected people cannot develop their own applications.

Un Employed / Missed Campus Interview
     ü  You are now totally messed with thoughts?
  ü  You don’t know which development you like to choose like Java, Android, XCode, Dot Net, Linux C++, UX?
  ü  You are hasty to get job immediately but don’t know which job to choose?
  ü  You choose your IT development and domain but don’t have experience?
  ü  You are having Arts / Non-Technical degree like but you like to join in Development IT Field?
  ü  You are giving interview and failed in all interviews?
  ü  You are confused again plan to study or work?
  ü  You don’t have development skills but try to attend Development Interview?
  ü  You are working in Support for 7 years but don’t know how to develop you may afraid of lose job
ü  You are the support Manager, Lead, Analyst if you lost job it’s very tough to get new job..

Only for Information Technology Software Development Job Seekers.
Call US for Free Counselling: +91 709 22 71 558

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Our Groups

"The Lights of True"
We have what'sapp personal group "The Lights of True" Phone No: 9941907755.
We joined very  trusted friends circle with all age groups. we share Creative, Funny Things, Motivational, Small Stories, Facts, lot more..

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Failed in Java Interview Know How To Success - மூன்று தாரக மந்திரம்

Failed in Java Interview Know How To Success

மூன்று தாரக மந்திரம்

Direct Questions. நேரடி கேள்வி 
String and String Buffer--- Why they are asked
2-3 year's will say String Mutable and StringBuffer Immutable
5-7 year's will say Too Many Strings will occupy more memory in constant pool
2-3 year's will say Static cannot be overriden
5-7 year's will say static synchronized and non static synchronized method lock on two different object, too many static will fill JVM heap, override a static method with a non-static method in sub class you will get compilation error, static final enum will cached in client, Private statics are easily exposed through public interfaces,
2-3 year's will say cloning object used by java clone methiod
5-7 year's will say The java.lang.Cloneable mechanism is problematic and should not be used.  it has many security flaws un till you know how to use clone safely to restrict untrusted code from instantiating a class

Your answers must be focused on
Formatted Code
Secured Code
Scalable Code
இம்மூன்று தாரக மந்திரம்

இதிலிருந்து நீங்கள் கற்றுக்கொள்ள  வேண்டியது உங்கள் கோட் எவ்வளவு பாதுகாப்பானது [how secured], எப்படி சிறப்பாக மெய்நிகர் இயந்திரத்தில்[virtual machine] இடத்தை அடைத்து கொள்ளாமல் செயல்படும்[Scalability + Optimized for testing] என்பன . இது மட்டும் இல்லை உங்கள் கோட் நாற்றம் [code smells bad]அடிக்காமல் பார்த்து கொள்ள வேண்டும் அதாவது உங்கள் கோடை அடுத்தவர் புரிந்து கொள்ளும்படி இருத்தல் வேண்டும் [Well Formatted for other programmer understand] . இதை நீங்கள் கற்று கொண்டால் நீங்கள் நல்ல Programmer

Scenario Based Questions சூழ்நிலை கேள்வி 
watch this space for more

Software Development Methodologies and their birth dates

Software Development Methodologies

Know how many software methodologies are there and their birth date's.


1976 Waterfall
1980 Prototype model
1985 Iterative and Incremental development
1990 V-Model
1986 Spiral
1986 Cleanroom
1991 RAD Rapid Application Development
1995 Dual_Vee_Model

2001 Agile Software Development
1994 DSDM Dynamic System Developoment Method
1998 Lean
1994 UP Unified Process
1996 XP Extreme Programming
1995 Scrum
2004 Crystal Clear

2003 TDD Test Driven Development
2006 BDD Behaviour Driven Development
2006 GDD Goal Driven Development
2000 DDD Design Driven Development
2000 DDD Domain Driven Design
1980 MDD Model Driven Design aka Engineering
1997 FDD Feature Driven development

Java Jobs are not easy until you know basics.

Java Jobs are not easy until you know basics.
ஜாவாவில் வேலை கிடைப்பது அளிதல்ல
உனக்கு அதன் அடிப்படை தெரியும் வரை

நானும் ஜாவா கத்துகிட்டேன்னு வடிவேலு [நானும் ஜெயிலுக்கு போறேன் ] மாதிரி சொல்றதுல்ல புண்ணியம் இல்ல 
எப்படி ஜாவாவை படிக்கணும் எந்த வேலைக்கு போகணும்னு தெரியனும் மொதல்ல.
ஜாவால ஏகப்பட்ட வேலை இருக்கு .
JAVA UI Developer
JAVA Business Developer
JAVA Framework Developer
JAVA Algorithm Developer
JAVA Network Developer
JAVA System Developer
JAVA Media Developers
JAVA Driver Developer
யாரும் நீ இதுக்கு சரிபட்டு வரமாட்டடேனு சொல்லாத மாதிரி வச்சிக்கணும்
அதுக்கு முதலில் நீங்க செய்ய வேண்டியது நீங்க எந்த பக்கம் போகணும் தினமானிச்சிகுங்க.
கிழே நான் தயாரித்த அட்டவணை பார்க்கவும்

இவருக்கு பதில் இவர் JVM 8 has Only Metaspace instead of permgen

இவருக்கு பதில் இவர் JVM 8 has Only Metaspace instead of permgen

Permanent Generation has Space Restriction
Metaspace is Virtually UnLimited in Memory Space

The code will keep generating new classes and loading their definitions to Metaspace until the space is fully utilized and the “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace” is thrown.
When launched with -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=64m then on Mac OS X the Java 1.8.0_05 will die at around 70,000 classes loaded.

Solution for java.lang.OutOfMemoryError in JVM 8

Memory pool generation and space capacities.
NGCMN: Minimum new generation capacity (kB).
NGCMX: Maximum new generation capacity (kB).
NGC: Current new generation capacity (kB).
S0C: Current survivor space 0 capacity (kB).
S1C: Current survivor space 1 capacity (kB).
EC: Current eden space capacity (kB).
OGCMN: Minimum old generation capacity (kB).
OGCMX: Maximum old generation capacity (kB).
OGC: Current old generation capacity (kB).
OC: Current old space capacity (kB).
MCMN: Minimum metaspace capacity (kB).
MCMX: Maximum metaspace capacity (kB).
MC: Metaspace capacity (kB).
CCSMN: Compressed class space minimum capacity (kB).
CCSMX: Compressed class space maximum capacity (kB).
CCSC: Compressed class space capacity (kB).
YGC: Number of young generation GC events.
FGC: Number of full GC events.

MC: Metaspace capacity (kB).
MU: Metaspace utilization (kB).
CCSC: Compressed class space capacity (kB).
CCSU: Compressed class space used (kB).
OC: Current old space capacity (kB).
OU: Old space utilization (kB).
YGC: Number of young generation GC events.
FGC: Number of full GC events.
FGCT: Full garbage collection time.
GCT: Total garbage collection time.

Java Virtual Extension Method in Java 8 அடபாவிகளா உன்னையும் விட்டு வைக்கலையா ......

Java Virtual Extension Method in Java 8
அடபாவிகளா உன்னையும் விட்டு வைக்கலையா ......

நன்பேண்டா C++ and Java both has Multiple inheritance

C++ and Java both has Multiple inheritance

C++ will have dimond problem in runtime but java diamond problem in compile time
To rectify use super keyword to access particular interface.......