About Me

I suffered from congenital absence of pain below knee and elbow in medical term Congenital Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy Type 1 [I cannot feel below knee and elbow]. It's a long story I don't have any disease, diabetic, abnormal blood pressure. It's quite uncomfortable to manage from childhood. I had been rejected from many schools (Vadapalani Hr Sec School, JRK Matriculation School… ). I had been studied more than 6 schools to complete the 9thStandard. Then no school life. College life is good. Any way I completed my M.Sc Information Technology on 2005.
My career starts from 1995 with dos base operating system developing in dbase III plus. And Foxpro 2.5 I came to know windows 3.1 installation on 1996 and Windows 95 OS Installation on end of 1997 it’s quite long time from now.
I started studying Japanese on 1999 onwards it’s quite nice experience now JLPT N2 Standard. But I didn’t put more effort on Japanese.
I focused only on Information Technology. And also I got the dream job in MNC Companies. I love my work. I have very less friend circle. I lost some of my friend because I'm always spend my time on software developments. I should spend time with them but I failed most of the time. Still some of my best friends who knows me and also they are technologically connected to me.
I’m interested in new projects like wine making, DIY Projector building, Vehicle Manuacturing, Youtube, Cinematagrophy, Photography, Food Industry and many more
I’m also interested and own pet’s like dog, fish, rabbit, ducks, tortoise many more… but not now.
Arjun Sridhar UR