Saturday, July 29, 2017

Whatsapp Improvements

*Expanding Idea's in Horizon*
_*Critical Thinking and Creative Ideas by Arjun Sridhar UR*_

*Lot of changes we need to do in whatsapp*
*1. Group members Increased 250,500,5000 [telegram] and 10,000*
1. Companies can create with employee groups
2. Goverment Sector can circular to their localities
3. Schools information Sharing to Class group, parents groups, teachers groups , admin groups
4. Domain wise Job seekers can join in the group to get job.
5. Any Sector Groups Likes Farmers, Milk Producers, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Manufacturing
6. Number LooK, Reverse Look, Type of this phone numbers analysis like marketing people, Politic People...
7. Information of Read Phone Numbers, Delivered Phone Numbers and Drifted Phone Number's
8. Options to remove undelivered phone numbers.

*2. Centralized Deletion Options [telegram]*
1. Any one wrongly posted anything which is not trapped by our digital moderator
2. Cascade Delete Option

*3. Text Formatting in MS Office style*
1. Advance Text formatting [later extract/sync with our database]
2. Collate with more emojis feelings to share
3. Language Translations
4. Fonts
*4. Data in cloud storage*
1. Less persistence used on mobile data as well as storage space
2. Analize, Monitor, Moderate Digitally with Big Data tools.
3. If a person access the system after a week or month all data will be on Cloud nothing will be downloaded until client sync manually.
*5. Detect and Normalize  Images and Videos and Text Forwardings No Duplicates appear in Client side and Cloud Storage Side.*
1. Avoid Duplication and Replication of same data.
2. Save Client Mobile Storage
3. Save Client Mobile Data Bandwidth
*6. Client can backup important text to cloud drives*
1.Useful & Important text/images/videos Retrieving will be easy
*7. Whatsapp Linked with All management Softwares Like Project Tracking, Issue Tracking, Bug Tracking.*
1. Easy to seed stories in SCRUM storyboards [IT,Non-IT]
2. Pre or Post Proposal Notes [IT,Non-IT]
3. Easy to post Issues in Issue Tracker [IT,Non-IT]
4. Easy to post Bugs in Bug Tarckers [IT,Non-IT]
*8. Whatsapp Linked to Personal Blogs, Facebook Pages which easy to publish for multi dimensional viewers.*
1. Create and Publish in multiple platforms in responsive design.
2. It'll Publish both in Social Media Sites as well as Blogs
3. Less Time, Low Bandwidth Conception, more incomes.
4. Target All Dimension Mobile as well as Desktop users.
*9. Whatsapp Linked to Job Consultancy centralized.*
1. Broadcast Jobs for particular domains and fields.
2. Remainders, Follow Up and Track Job Seekers by Consultancy.
3. Consultancy can suggest Job seekers to join in Same Domain Group to exchange interview questions and answers
*10. Whatsapp Linked to ERP and CRM Packages toooo*
1. ERP Like HR messages to Employee and Employer
2. ERP Like Account Immediate Scan and Upload Income,Expense Receipts and Payments.
3. ERP Logistics Tracking
4. ERP Manufacturing all types of log messages to employees
5. ERP Stock Maintenance Scarcity and Excess notifications
6. ERP Notifying Nearing Expiry date of stocks
7. CRM Event Notifications, Users Entry, Follow-Ups, E-Tickets